Pole Barns and Steel Roofing by Cover's Construction

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Cover's Construction LLC
21321 V Avenue
Dallas Center, IA 50063

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Cover's Construction LLC, Dallas Center, Iowa
Specializing in Pole Barns & Steel Roofing

Why You Should Consider Cover's Construction

We all want the most for our money. The construction of a pole barn or similar structure, or a roofing upgrade, should result in many years of quality performance and no surprise maintenance costs. Here are some highlights of how Cover's Construction will help you accomplish that goal:

Versatility: Cover's Construction is an experienced General Contractor. We aren't restricted by stock blueprints. We can add any features you need to a basic structure, and we can do the whole job, from concrete floors to plumbing and electrical.

Standards: Where others might take shortcuts to completion, we know from experience that there are some aspects of our work that should be done in only one right way. Some examples:

pole barn footings in crushed rock 1. Setting the poles for a pole barn might be faster using dirt or poured concrete, but the only one right way to avoid rot is to provide for faster drainage by packing the poles in place with crushed rock instead. More work, but the result is a much longer life for the building!
pro-snap concealed fastener metal roofing 2. New Roofing or upgraded roofing is something you should only need to do once. Inclement weather cuts no slack for poorly constructed roofs, and over time will find and attack every weak point of an unprofessional construction. Our steel roofing panels snap together and hide all fasteners, resulting in attractive, leak-free, durable roofing.

Give us a call and describe the project you have in mind. We'll help you plan it, we'll furnish all the details of our construction plans, we'll furnish local references who will tell you we perform as promised, and we will install the best product possible for your investment.

Thank you for considering Cover's Construction!